Foo Fighter

Foo Fighter 1.20

Explore deep space and shoot down enemies

Foo Fighter is a vertical side-scrolling shoot-em-up packed with action, weapons and fun. You'll be exploring a new solar system through various missions that will test even the most experienced players. With lots of secrets and various gameplay modes, the game will keep you interested for quite some time.


  • Addictive gameplay
  • Five different planets to explore
  • Over fifteen missions to master
  • Instant Game option for endless replayability
  • Challenging mini bosses and powerful end bosses
  • Different spaceships to control
  • Different weapons and weapon upgrades
  • Three-layer parallax scrolling effects
  • Choose your preferred path to fight your way through
  • Stunning graphics
  • Configurable controls
  • Unlockable extra features
  • Online highscore publishing
  • Cool particle effects
  • Printable user manual

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Foo Fighter


Foo Fighter 1.20